How Can I Keep Desk Messes Under Control?

Office messes can build up over time, starting with a pile of papers on a desk. That pile of papers can turn into several, leaving an increased risk for spilled drinks with less desk space. It may seem impossible to keep a clean desk, but by following these tips, you can keep your workspace clean.
Desk […]

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Protecting Your Floors From Chairs

Protecting your tile or wood floors year-round can be a challenge. Changes in weather affects what the ground is like, affecting what is being tracked in by your coworkers. Your desk chair can also affect your floor’s appearance. Stuck wheels or hard metal chair legs can scuff your floor, and dragging chairs around can leave […]

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Using a Tennis Ball to Buff Out Scuff Marks

Most surfaces in your office are susceptible to scuff marks, the black streaks left from rubber. Do you have stubborn scuff marks on your walls or floors and don’t want to use cleaning chemicals to get them out? There’s a way to get them out without potentially harming the paint on your walls or scratching […]

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Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is a new cleaning process that provides more coverage and sanitation to difficult-to-reach areas, cutting down on germs and potential illness in your business.

Electrostatic spraying works by breaking disinfecting agent down into droplets, then adding an electric charge. The charge attracts the droplets to surfaces, so if you are spraying down a railing, […]

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Overlooked Cleaning Areas Around Your Office

Your office looks clean on the outside, but can you guess where the germs are lurking? Brenner Facility Services can tell you where to look and what needs an extra cleaning.

Do you remember the last time the keyboard in the conference room was disinfected? How about the one at your desk? A recent study found […]

Keeping Your Office Kitchen Clean

The breakroom is often a central hub to an office environment. It’s a place to stretch your legs, grab a cup of water, prepare and eat your lunch. It’s also a high-traffic room that can look a little worse for the wear at the end of the day. There are many ways to keep your […]

Quick Office Cleaning Hacks Anyone Can Try

Is your desk looking a little worse for wear? Is there an avalanche every time you open the break room refrigerator? There are things you can do to tidy up your workstation using affordable items you’ll have around the office!

If your desk chair is on wheels and your carpet is looking a little worse for […]

What is a Day Porter and What Services Do They Provide?

Does your business require round-the-clock upkeep to maintain a clean, professional appearance? Do you often feel yourself running behind schedule, running out of time to prepare for that last-minute lunch meeting in the office break room? You may want to consider employing a day porter service.

A day porter is someone who performs small duties throughout […]