Preparing Your Facility for Spring Cleaning

As months go on and the occasional warm day appears, it’s important to realize that spring is on the horizon. Before the temperatures tick up for good and the sun stays out past closing time, get a head start on spring cleaning your office!
Start with the Kitchen
Your kitchen is a hub of activity in any office setting […]

Preventing Slips in Winter

As winter progresses and New England alternates between rainy and snowy days, workers and students will be tracking leftover snow into your facility, making the floors slippery and increasing the chances of someone skidding on the wet surface. This can be dangerous for people in your facility who may not notice the condensation on the floor and […]

How Often Do My Floors Need to Be Cleaned?

The floors in your facility are constantly in use, from people walking from room to room and pushing chairs back and forth. Keeping your floors presentable can help keep existing and potential customers trusting in your business, but different floors call for different levels of maintenance.

Like most surfaces, it is most efficient to vacuum your […]

Should I Install A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Did you know that one out of every four people does not wash their hands after using the restroom? Nearly half of the people that do wash their hands do not wash their hands properly, leaving germs on their hands that are easily spread through doorknobs and hand railings. The constant spread of germs can […]

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Benefits of Green Cleaning

Benefits of Green Products 
Environmentally friendly products have been proven to improve indoor air quality. Traditional cleaning products may contain toxins that can cause allergies, headaches, nausea and other health risks over time. The risk of chemical burns from drying products is also decreased. These new products also come without antibacterial ingredients, which come with additional […]

Benefits of Touch-Point Cleaning

Touch-point cleaning focuses on common areas and locations that are touched frequently by several people throughout the day. Light switches, door knobs, and elevator buttons are common areas for germs and viruses to collect and spread from person to person. A member of the janitorial staff, such as a day porter, will be able to […]

How Can I Keep Desk Messes Under Control?

Office messes can build up over time, starting with a pile of papers on a desk. That pile of papers can turn into several, leaving an increased risk for spilled drinks with less desk space. It may seem impossible to keep a clean desk, but by following these tips, you can keep your workspace clean.
Desk […]

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Protecting Your Floors From Chairs

Protecting your tile or wood floors year-round can be a challenge. Changes in weather affects what the ground is like, affecting what is being tracked in by your coworkers. Your desk chair can also affect your floor’s appearance. Stuck wheels or hard metal chair legs can scuff your floor, and dragging chairs around can leave […]

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Using a Tennis Ball to Buff Out Scuff Marks

Most surfaces in your office are susceptible to scuff marks, the black streaks left from rubber. Do you have stubborn scuff marks on your walls or floors and don’t want to use cleaning chemicals to get them out? There’s a way to get them out without potentially harming the paint on your walls or scratching […]

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Benefits of Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is a new cleaning process that provides more coverage and sanitation to difficult-to-reach areas, cutting down on germs and potential illness in your business.

Electrostatic spraying works by breaking disinfecting agent down into droplets, then adding an electric charge. The charge attracts the droplets to surfaces, so if you are spraying down a railing, […]

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