waxing floorBrenner Facility Services offers comprehensive floor cleaning services across eastern Massachusetts. From stripping, waxing and buffing tile to shampooing and vacuuming carpets, Brenner Facility Services will help you keep your office and floors clean. Floors can collect dust and dirt over time, which your employees will breath in. We use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners and power washers that allow for better air quality for everyone in the building. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning agents when scrubbing tile. Clean, disinfected floors allow for a more hygienic workplace, and will keep your office looking its best.

Brenner Facility Services will work with you to develop a cleaning plan and schedule that works best for your business. We will come into your office in between one and four times a year to maintain your floor’s shine without interrupting your business routine. If you are interested in having your floors professionally cleaned, contact Brenner Facility Services at 978-224-1100, or fill out our contact form and a representative will get back to you.