Touch-point cleaning focuses on common areas and locations that are touched frequently by several people throughout the day. Light switches, door knobs, and elevator buttons are common areas for germs and viruses to collect and spread from person to person. A member of the janitorial staff, such as a day porter, will be able to go around your facility, disinfecting these touch points throughout the day. Regular disinfection will be able to reduce the spread of illnesses to anyone using your restroom, kitchen or other common areas.

Thorough disinfection is vital to touch point cleaning. Your surface should be cleaned first with a clean microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, then disinfected with EPA registered, low-hazard chemicals. After the disinfectant is applied, wait the manufacturer’s recommended time before rinsing and drying the surface. This can be up to ten minutes in order to let the disinfecting agents latch onto and destroy lingering germs, and the surface should remain shiny with the chemical for the duration. This process is another layer of protection for students, employees and their families against cough, flu and cold symptoms throughout the winter. Electrostatic spraying is another method that may be used to disinfect your facility. Electrical charges allow the disinfecting agent to access hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, providing a more thorough coverage area.

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