As a professional in the education field, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your classroom while you’re teaching, during your free periods, and tutoring students who require after-school help. Did you know that your classroom has just as much of an impact on your students? Since children and young adults are in school for most of their day, your classroom is critical to their emotional and academic development. Scheduling a deep clean of each part of your classroom, including the desks, chalkboard and carpet or tile flooring, can help start next semester off on the right foot!

Promoting Healthier Habits

Habits in your classroom can help form the adult personalities in your students. If a student looks up to you as a role model and notices scuffs on your floors, streaks on your windows and layers of dust on your chalkboard, they may decide to adopt those hygiene habits as an adult, including their homes and workspaces. Keeping the carpeted floors inside your classroom can also prevent allergens from contaminating the air, reducing the rate of students calling out sick or cutting class to avoid discomfort.

Increased Air Quality

Dust and debris tracked in by students on shoes and backpacks can affect the air quality in your classroom. By keeping the floors regularly swept and vacuumed, as well as cleaning out air filters in the classroom, you’ll be able to breathe in healthy air all semester long!

Teacher Retention

If your school is well-maintained and cleaned frequently, you will be able to retain teachers than if you let the building fall by the wayside. A clean workspace can indicate a happier, healthier work environment for teachers and students alike, leading to a more productive academic year.

Professional Cleaning Services for Schools & Academic Buildings in Boston, Burlington, Lowell & Chelmsford, MA

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