Stormy days can wreak havoc on your facility, with additional dirt and mud getting dragged in with regular debris such as sand and rocks along the sidewalk or parking lot. After the initial hustle and bustle of the morning, focus on these areas to keep your facility presentable on a dreary day.


In addition to being the main way your staff enters and exits the building, the first impression your visitors will make of your facility starts at the entryway. Make sure you have rubber, felt and paper mats available for everyone to wipe their feet when they enter the building and soak up the additional moisture from rain puddles or melting snow. Make sure anywhere that may become slippery is marked with large, portable signs to prevent anyone from rushing from meeting to meeting from running and falling.


Whether you have carpet throughout your facility or tile in the kitchen, bathrooms, and offices, keeping your floors clean throughout a storm and the aftermath is important for the safety of your employees. As salt and dirt begin to dry up on your floors, a sticky residue can form and pose an unsightly slipping risk. As dried salt, sand and dirt begin to clump and fall off of your shoes and onto carpeted floors, they can begin to become embedded into the fibers as foot traffic crosses and pushes debris further in. Make sure your carpeted floors are vacuumed regularly to maintain its appearance, making it appear like new regardless of its age.


Away from the entryways, people may be more inclined to move quickly in order to get to their next destination in less time. Make sure each hallway has a wide, clear path to accommodate traffic and remove any obstacles, including cleaning carts, mops, and buckets from the middle of the hallway. Wet floors can lead to heightened slipping risk, and the addition of obstacles can lead to injury among your employees and visitors.

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