Flu season is just around the corner, and with up to 20% of the US population estimated to get the flu each year, it’s important to prevent it from spreading. Places of work are one of the locations where you’re most likely to be exposed to germs, so here are some tips for how to prevent the flu in your office. 

Get Your Flu Shot Now

The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, recommends getting a flu shot every year before flu season begins. This vaccination will help your body recognize the virus and be better equipped to fight it if it does make its way to you. However, if you work in an office, chances are that you work those 9-5 hours, the same as everyone else. It’s difficult to make it out of the office to a clinic or pharmacy to get the shot during the day. 

In this case, many organizations are hosting on-site vaccination clinics that visit office buildings and other workplaces. They are able to quickly provide necessary shots to willing employees. If you can get employee buy-in and make it easier for them, the flu is less likely to spread in your office. 

Hygiene Reminders

Good hygiene is necessary if you’re trying to keep viruses and bacteria out of the office. An office memo or printed signs in key areas can remind employees of basic flu-season habits. These could include washing hands often with antibacterial soap, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue (or upper arm, if it sneaks up on you), and avoiding physical contact with others. A few other office hygiene habits to get into is to not use other employees’ office materials, especially headsets, phones, and computers and avoiding touching your eyes, mouth, and nose, especially after touching anything else in the office. 

Clean it Up

Perhaps one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the flu in the office is simply making sure everything is clean. Antibacterial wipes are a simple way to clean surfaces like desks, tables, chair armrests, and even computer mice. This can be done by individual employees at their own desks. 

A process called “touch-point cleaning” focuses on high hand-traffic areas like light switches, elevator buttons, and doorknobs. Disinfecting solutions are commonly used along with microfiber cloths. This will kill any lingering germs at the end of the day and ensure that each workday is begun with completely clean surfaces. 

Professional Cleaning & Disinfecting Services for Offices in Burlington, Lowell & Chelmsford, MA

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