Most surfaces in your office are susceptible to scuff marks, the black streaks left from rubber. Do you have stubborn scuff marks on your walls or floors and don’t want to use cleaning chemicals to get them out? There’s a way to get them out without potentially harming the paint on your walls or scratching your vinyl floor! All you need is a standard tennis ball and a broom.

With a standard utility knife, cut an X into your tennis ball. The cut has to be large enough to fit over the broom handle without slipping off. After the ball is over the end of the broom handle, run the ball over the scuff marks on your floor with some pressure. The floor should be dry when you do this for the best results. Once the marks have been buffed out of your floor, turn your attention to the wall. Because you are using a broom handle, you can reach higher or lower than you would be able to by hand. Use some pressure, but not enough to cause any dents or lose control of your handle. After a few minutes, your wall should look good as new!

If you don’t have a tennis ball handy, you can use an old, soft-soled tennis shoe! Make sure the sole is light to avoid creating more marks on your surfaces. Put the palm of your hand into the heel of the shoe and softly buff out your walls and floor.

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