The warmer weather is slowly creeping in, with the sun staying out late into the afternoon. You may be itching to leave and spend more time outside on nice days, but until the temperatures are warm enough to walk around, it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! When it comes to your office, there are plenty of places you should pay close attention to in order to keep your space clean and disinfected. While you’re spring cleaning, take a little bit of your day to clean the following:

Clean out the fridge

Is the fridge in the breakroom overflowing with unclaimed leftovers and condiments? If the answer is yes, it is time to clean it out, leaving only items that are still good and not past its expiration date. Give your office a days’ notice that a clean out is about to occur, giving them plenty of time to remove or label anything they wish to keep and preemptively dispose of anything past its prime. Refrigerator clean outs can occur as often as needed, whether weekly or monthly. Brenner Facility Services will clean out your refrigerator once a month as part of our kitchen cleaning services.

Remove the junk from your desk

Do you have a stack of papers that are out of date that you haven’t gone through? Clear your mind and your desk by going through and recycling any unnecessary paperwork, napkins, lunch containers and water cups from your desk. Go through each pile and make two piles: one to keep, and one to recycle. If your desk has drawers, you’ll be able to store your papers neatly in folders. If you don’t have drawers, look around and see if there is a file holder available. These are inexpensive and available at any big box or office supply store.

Disinfect your bathroom

Your office bathroom can be a hotbed for germs and illness, especially during cold, flu and allergy season when people are constantly coughing or sneezing. As part of your routine cleaning services, our team will be able to go through and disinfect your bathrooms from the handles and faucets to the doorknobs on a daily basis. A day porter or matron assigned to your facility will go through and wipe down touch points several times per day, reducing germs and illness.

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