Did you know that one out of every four people does not wash their hands after using the restroom? Nearly half of the people that do wash their hands do not wash their hands properly, leaving germs on their hands that are easily spread through doorknobs and hand railings. The constant spread of germs can be enough to get people sick, removing them from work and disrupting the workflow of your office environment.

Installing a dispenser can have several benefits in your facility:

  • People may be less inclined to use a paper towel to open the door after using the restroom, eliminating the pile of towels that may accumulate on the bathroom floor. This saves towels and keeps the restroom more orderly.
  • You can install more than one: in addition to putting one in each restroom, you can install a dispenser in the kitchen, near the entryway and anywhere you receive a lot of foot traffic.
  • Lower germ levels will complement your touch point cleaning efforts, keeping people in the facility.

If you are interested in combating cold and flu season in your facility this year, contact Brenner Facility Services for an estimate on professional, commercial janitorial services! A representative from our organization will come to your school or business to evaluate and provide an estimate for cleaning services, from routine janitorial work to deep-cleaning floors and upholstery. Brenner Facility Services will even provide you with santizer dispensers and install them for no extra charge! A clean facility will keep people healthy, and in turn, keep their closest friends and family from getting sick. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.