Brenner Facility Services is proud to serve the community of Lowell, Massachusetts. The second largest city in Massachusetts is located along the Merrimack River and is home to the second largest school in the University of Massachusetts system. Lowell’s convenient location directly off the highway has led to its development as a city of culture and industry, with a number of museums opening to protect the city’s history. In addition to UMass Lowell, the city is served by an extensive public school and private school system. Keeping your facility clean and presentable is vital to maintaining your reputation and keeping your business operational. Brenner Facility Services will work with you to develop a cleaning plan to best fit your needs, leaving your facility spotless.

Since 1986, Brenner Facility Services has been providing professional cleaning services across the North Shore and southern New Hampshire. We work closely with our customers, providing an open line of communication as well as diligent service, leaving no surface unclean. Some of the services we provide include:

Professional Commercial Facility Cleaning Services in Lowell, MA

If you are interested in having your facility professionally maintained in Lowell, Massachusetts, contact Brenner Facility Services today. We will coordinate with your facility manager to determine the best cleaning schedule for your business without disrupting regular operations and workflow. To contact Brenner Facility Services for an estimate, call our offices at 978-224-1100 or fill out our online contact form.