Exposure to allergens spreads illnesses and germs among your employees and office mates. To keep your employees healthy (and at work) it is important to learn what the most common allergens are and how to protect your colleagues from being exposed to them, where possible. Here are the four most common allergens in the workplace. Keep an eye out for these, reduce or eliminate them where possible, and ensure your employee’s time at the office is safe and productive.

Plants and flowers 

While many people are allergic to springtime flowers, most people may consider indoor plants to be benign. However, these plants can still trigger allergies because of their pollen. If greenery is a must-have for your office, consider researching the plants with the lowest pollen counts. You may also distribute a list of those plants to employees, so that they do not bring in high pollen plants. 

The best course of action may be to invest in high-quality artificial plants if employees do not wish to adhere to the new policy, or the low-pollen plants do not fit the décor of your office space. 


While your employees are probably great at keeping their workspaces clean and dust-free, common areas or rarely-used spaces may get overlooked. Walk through the office space and look for dust build-up specifically. Make a list of these areas for your cleaning crew to tackle specifically. 

It may also be worth installing high-efficiency air filters in your HVAC system, to keep the air cleaner and free from dust particles.


Most people know that peanut butter is banned at most elementary schools. However, they fail to carry this principle to work. Consider creating a dietary-restriction friendly area in your lunchroom and refrigerator, so employees with food allergies can be free from exposure to common food allergens.


Bringing dogs to work is becoming increasingly common and popular. However, dog and pet dander allergies are common. So if you have considered making your office pet-friendly, you might want to reconsider. If you absolutely must open your office up to Rover, you will likely want to dedicate some space as off-limits to dogs for those who do have allergies.

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