shutterstock_3202259Protecting your tile or wood floors year-round can be a challenge. Changes in weather affects what the ground is like, affecting what is being tracked in by your coworkers. Your desk chair can also affect your floor’s appearance. Stuck wheels or hard metal chair legs can scuff your floor, and dragging chairs around can leave scratches.  Wax will also be stripped off your floor, Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to prevent that from happening!

In many classrooms, you may see tennis balls stuck onto chair legs to prevent them from making noise while being moved across the room for group activities, and to keep the wax on your floor shining bright for much of the school year. Take a run-of-the-mill tennis ball and cut an X through the top. The X should be wide enough to fit the chair leg snugly. The ball will keep the floor from scratching and will buff out any black streaks left by shoes. Replace the tennis balls between school years to keep them from wearing through.

If you are in an office setting and your chair has wheels, you should consider Caster covers. Caster covers are soft, rubber strips that act as wheel covers for tough, plastic wheels. You will be able to slide along your desk and move your chair easily for meetings, without the threat of scratching your floors. The cover is easy to install, and Brenner Facility Services can order them in bulk so you won’t have to worry if one wears off or breaks. These can be used in place of plastic chair mats, which can get stuck on your chair or slide around under your desk.

If you are interested in having your floors professionally cleaned and protected from wear and tear, contact Brenner Facility Services today! A representative will come to your school or office and provide you with a free quote for waxing, buffing and vacuuming your floors as often as you need! We can be reached at 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.