bank waiting roomPeople move in and out of banks all day, whether they are making a simple ATM transaction or meeting with a teller or manager to open or close an account. When it comes to choosing a financial institution, appearance matters: potential customers will be less likely to pick your establishment to handle their money if the facility is not clean or poorly maintained. By working with Brenner Facility Services, you will be able to make sure your bank is always spotless and presentable, putting the business in the best possible light.

Keeping Your Institution Professional & Presentable

Brenner Facility Services will be able to develop a cleaning schedule that will not interfere with regular banking hours. Each carpeted surface will be vacuumed to keep the carpet clean and free of allergens, dirt, and salt. Counters will be wiped down and buffed put to remove lingering water rings and food crumbs, and hard-to-reach surfaces will be dusted to keep clean air circulating throughout the bank. Chained up, communal pens, door handles and even the buttons on the ATM will be wiped down in order to prevent the spreading of germs. Our representatives will also provide the facility with a deep clean, including shampooing the carpet, disinfecting removable glass tabletops and cleaning the lobby furniture on an as-needed basis.

Learn about the services Brenner Facility Services can provide your financial institution:

Professional Cleaning Services for Financial Institutions

If you are interested in obtaining professional cleaning services for your bank or other financial institution, contact Brenner Facility Services today! We will come to your facility to provide an estimate for the cleaning services your business may need. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.