Gyms and fitness centers see a constant flow of customers, from early birds looking to exercise before work, people who want to hit the treadmill for a bit on their lunch breaks and those who stop to lift weights on the way home. With the amount of foot traffic entering and exiting your facility, keeping equipment and common areas clean is vital to keeping your customers and staff healthy. The team at Brenner Facility Services is happy to provide our specialized cleaning services to gyms, health clubs and fitness centers across the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire.

Keeping Equipment & Common Areas Clean

Your fitness center is filled with specialized equipment, with nooks, crannies and rubber padding to provide some comfort and support to the user. As customers exercise, they are bound to break a sweat, which can affect the machine’s cleanliness. Illnesses including cold and flu can be spread throughout your facility, contaminating other machines and spreading from customer to customer. A day porter will be able to go through your fitness center several times per day to disinfect each machine between uses.

Equipment is not the only place to worry about contamination. Locker rooms, saunas, and areas with stacks of wet towels are the ideal climate for fungus growth, which can affect skin, nails and sinuses.  Keeping common areas germ-free can be accomplished with electrostatic spraying and routine power washing to remove all residue. This can be done on locker room floors, lockers, shower stalls and equipment rooms to prevent the growth and spread of germs between patrons.

Fitness Center Disinfection & Cleaning Services in Saugus, Wilmington, Woburn & Methuen, MA

If you need help keeping your fitness center clean for your customers, contact Brenner Facility Services today! We will provide an assessment of your facility to determine the cleaning services that will best fit your needs and accommodate your customers. To schedule a consultation,  Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.