As winter progresses and New England alternates between rainy and snowy days, workers and students will be tracking leftover snow into your facility, making the floors slippery and increasing the chances of someone skidding on the wet surface. This can be dangerous for people in your facility who may not notice the condensation on the floor and do not alter their walking speed. Keeping your facility prepared will keep employees and visitors safe.

Check for problem areas outside

Excess water will be tracked inside based on what’s in your parking lot and on your sidewalks. Before expected rain or snow, examine your parking lots for any potholes or large cracks. Contact the building supervisor or landlord to have outdoor issues taken care of in a timely matter. Make sure snow is removed quickly and leaves plenty of space for people to park and walk safely between cars, and that a safe, distinct path is shoveled out on sidewalks. If a layer of ice builds up and blocks the way, people will be more likely to walk on the slippery surface and be prone to falls. Spread sand and salt around outdoor areas before a freeze to keep employees safe.

Prepare for bad weather early

During the final weeks of autumn or before a predicted storm, you can begin preparing your facility for an onslaught of wet weather. Add extended doormats in front of entryways to encourage visitors to wipe their feet as they walk in, and place fans in hallways with tile floors. Place Wet Floor signs around the building so employees know to walk with caution. Address expectations in an all-hands meeting or email, using statistics from previous years to keep everyone alert. Make sure puddles and spills are mopped up quickly to prevent someone from slipping. A day porter can check your floors several times a day to clean spills in high-traffic areas. Do not leave debris or equipment in the middle of hallways, as obstacles can cause people to trip. Cover exposed wires and power cords, creating a flat surface to protect the cords and prevent tripping.

Professional Day Porter & Floor Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a way to keep your floors clean and prevent accidents in your facility, contact Brenner Facility Services today. In addition to our standard custodial services, we provide all-inclusive cleaning services for wood, tile and carpeted floors based on your facility’s needs. We also offer a day porter service so your facility is constantly maintained throughout the day. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.