As the winter begins the transition into a milder spring, you may begin to notice another round of office illness going around. Varying temperatures are better for different types of viruses to flourish without much time to prepare. After a difficult flu season, follow these tips to keep your facility healthy and functional as the seasons change!

Encourage hydration

As you get sick, you begin to dehydrate. While that extra cup of coffee to get through the day may seem extra tempting, switching it out with a cup of water and keep you on your feet and in the office. Fluids can also be supplemented with sports drinks and soup on chillier days.

Dress for today’s weather

A spike in temperature after a run of chilly days may make ditching the winter coat worth it, but make sure you are still dressed to combat the weather. Make sure you at least wear a light jacket to combat spring chills.

Keep your floors clean

Allergens and viruses may be tracked in and absorbed by carpet fibers. Maintaining a regular vacuuming schedule allows you to reduce the amount of dirt and debris accumulation in your rugs and carpet, keeping the air clean and healthy for employees.

Encourage thorough hand washings

Desks and keyboards carry most of the unexpected germs in your facility, and most people do not think to wash their hands after touching either. Encouraging employees to wash their hands with disinfecting soap throughout the day can help stop the spread of germs throughout your facility. Encourage periodic desk wipe downs and keyboard disinfecting to reduce germs in these areas. Keyboards can be disinfected by wiping down your unplugged keyboard with treated wipes before removing moisture with a microfiber cloth.

Disinfect your office throughout the day

There are areas of your facility that will be seeing more foot traffic throughout the day than other areas, with many different hands touching door handles, railings and buttons on appliances. By hiring a day porter, you will be able to keep commonly used surfaces clean because they will continuously wipe down spills and disinfect strategic areas around the facility as the day goes on.

Professional Janitorial Services & Day Porter Services in Massachusetts

If you are interested in signing up for professional cleaning services to keep your facility presentable and germ-free, contact Brenner Facility Services! We will set up an appointment to visit your facility and assess your cleaning needs, coordinating a schedule that works without disrupting your business’ productivity. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling (978) 224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.