Fall and winter are often detrimental to building cleanliness. Leaves blow in, and people track in salt residue whether they mean to or not. Start the season off right by making sure your space is as clean as possible before the elements take over. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve developed a strategy to keep floors, carpets, and walls clean and well-maintained throughout the winter months.

Stop the Outside from Getting In

To help keep the elements out, make sure you’ve washed your outside areas well. Removing leaves and fall debris from your lawn and pathways will help keep them from blowing inside during the fall months. You can also pressure wash sidewalks and parking areas to keep mud and dirt from being tracked in. 

In addition to taking care of the outside, invest in quality mats inside your doors. The mats can absorb moisture, and also prevent slips. They can also help hold blowing leaves and debris, or tracked-in dirt or salt, close to the door, so that they are easier to clean up later.

Repair Obvious Problems

If you have cracks or crevices on your floors, it is time to fix those as well. Repairing these areas will help keep dirt or salt from collecting in them, as well as protect your floor from additional damage from tracked in elements. 

You’ll also want to clean any carpets now. While it may seem better to wait until spring, the tracked in moisture, salts, and grime will cling to any existing stains, and they will all be much harder to get rid of in the spring. 

Make a Plan Now

Before tracked in dirt, salt, and debris become an overwhelming problem, come up with a plan to tackle this now. Develop a comprehensive cleaning routine that includes ongoing hard floor and carpet cleaning. If you do not feel your team is capable of maintaining this alone, consider a third-party vendor for some assistance. 

Building maintenance is a lot of work, and maintaining floors takes a lot of effort. However, attractive, well-maintained flooring is essential to making a good impression on guests and clients. If you’re located in the North Shore, Brenner Facility Services can provide your commercial cleaning services for your floors and walls this fall, if you feel you need some extra assistance to keep up on this task.