As months go on and the occasional warm day appears, it’s important to realize that spring is on the horizon. Before the temperatures tick up for good and the sun stays out past closing time, get a head start on spring cleaning your office!

Start with the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a hub of activity in any office setting and cleaning out your refrigerator and cabinets can go a long way in keeping food and communal beverages and condiments fresh until their expiration date. Start by going through your cabinets and checking dates on spices, soup crackers, and nonperishable goods, disposing of items past their sell-by date. If there are nonperishable or canned items that will not be used, donate them to a local soup kitchen or charity in need. After the cabinets are cleared, wipe down exposed surfaces to remove crumbs and germs before tackling the refrigerator. Remove anything past its expiration date that is unclaimed by the designated clean out period, leaving only communal things such as milk, butter, and condiments. Wipe down and disinfect each shelf and compartment. Place an open box of baking soda towards the back to help eliminate odor, replacing the box every three months.

Clean off your Desk

After months of accumulating forms and taking notes, your desk is probably covered in piles of paperwork. Take an afternoon to sort through the papers you have lying around and sort them into piles: keep and recycle. Place papers you no longer need in proper receptacles. Important papers can be sorted into file folders to keep close and document boxes that can be stored to save space. While your computer is turned off, wipe down your computer screen and keyboard with a Magic Eraser to catch dust and crumbs. If there are crumbs stuck between the keys, you can use the edge of a sticky note to catch them. Do not use water directly on your electronic devices to clean because they will be damaged. Wipe down your desk to remove stains and disinfect the area.

Remove Scuffs from the Floors and Walls

As people walked through the halls of your facility in their winter gear, they may have brushed up against the wall or tracked dirt, sand and salt onto the floor. Scuff marks are unsightly but can be easily removed! A regular tennis ball can be used to gently buff out black marks left on walls. For marks left on floors, a heavy-duty machine can be used to remove scuffs and restore natural shine. Spring is a great time to schedule a deep clean of your carpeted floors, from shampooing to debris extraction.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Salem, Beverly & Burlington, MA

If you need assistance with your spring cleaning project and want to maintain your facility’s appearance, contact Brenner Facility Services today! A representative will visit your organization and develop a cleaning plan that works for your schedule and business needs, from keeping your floors clean to continuous touch-point cleaning throughout the day. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.