Your office looks clean on the outside, but can you guess where the germs are lurking? Brenner Facility Services can tell you where to look and what needs an extra cleaning.

Do you remember the last time the keyboard in the conference room was disinfected? How about the one at your desk? A recent study found heightened levels of bacteria on keyboards and computer mice. Your desk phone also collects germs from around your desk. You will need to check to make sure your cleaning products are suitable to use on electronics.

High-traffic areas around your office often contain contact spots, such as handles, sink faucets, and light switches. These touch points will have different hands coming in contact all day, allowing the spread of settled and even some airborne germs. People often track in a variety of dirt, pollen and other particles on the carpet when they go in and out of the office. Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to stay clean and should be professionally shampooed and deep cleaned at least once a year to remove any germs buried in the fibers. Office chairs and couches also require regular cleaning to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Does your office have a ceiling fan? Dust can collect on the blades and be rotated back around the office if not cleaned regularly. Blades can be wiped down with a duster or microfiber cloth at least once a week to prevent buildup. You should also make sure your HVAC system is properly maintained, keeping a steady humidity level to keep employees comfortable and maintain the integrity of the computers, appliances, furniture and other goods. If you have removable air vents, you can wash them to make sure they are performing to their fullest extent without interference or blockage.

There are many ways everyone can help keep your office clean. If you wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, wipe down your desk and any touch points you come into contact with and clean spills right away, that will decrease the risk of viruses like cold and flu from spreading. You can also work with a professional cleaning company to keep your office spotless. Brenner Facility Services is a full-service janitorial company that will clean your office top to bottom on a schedule that fits your company needs, from the ceiling fan to the floor. Brenner Facility Services also offers a Day Porter service, which allows someone to come in and continuously clean common areas of your office as the day goes on. For a free estimate on cleaning services for your office, contact Brenner Facility Services at 978-224-1100 or fill out our online form today.