With the end of the year approaching and spring break behind you, it’s time to start thinking about what to do to maintain your facility over the summer. The absence of students and faculty allow for a more comprehensive and thorough cleaning, getting to areas not accessible with people milling about each day. The summer months provide you with a perfect opportunity for preventative cleaning measures, upgrades to routines and furniture and making sure your facility is in perfect condition for next semester.

Make your floors a priority

Moving desks around during the year is impractical and disruptive. The time it will take to strip, wax, clean and buff your floors and the smell of the chemicals have the potential to make students and teachers ill. Taking care of your floors at the start of the year, after the activity has died down, allows for a deeper and more efficient cleaning, removing the layer of dirt, sand, and grime left over from months of constant use. While carpets provide an easier surface to clean throughout the year, summer months allow the moving of furniture for a thorough shampooing. While it is important to continue floor maintenance throughout the year, making sure the area is cleaned below the visible surface is vital to keeping your floors in optimal condition.

Deep clean your bathroom

Each bathroom and locker room in your facility is subject to wear and tear throughout the school year, more than most all other areas of the school. Summertime is the best opportunity to perform a thorough cleaning of these sections of the building, deodorizing the air and disinfecting lockers, door knobs, faucets and showers and power washing floors to remove grout from between tiles and clogs from drains.

Evaluate your cleaning equipment and procedures

With more time available to clean and assess your facility, you’ll have more time to evaluate the effectiveness of your equipment from brooms and mops to buffers and vacuum cleaners. If specific equipment is not working up to par, summertime is the perfect time to have it serviced or replaced. The slower season is also a good time to evaluate cleaning strategy and implement new practices to better suit your institution. Take the summer to switch your cleaning chemicals to green products to increase the air quality within the building, and switch to a color-coded rag system in order to minimize cross-contamination of recently disinfected areas.

Professional Day Porter & Janitorial Services for Schools in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

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