The breakroom is often a central hub to an office environment. It’s a place to stretch your legs, grab a cup of water, prepare and eat your lunch. It’s also a high-traffic room that can look a little worse for the wear at the end of the day. There are many ways to keep your office kitchen clean and maintained.

Start by cleaning off your counter. Remove anything that shouldn’t be there, any meeting materials or newspapers. Recycle them or move non-sensitive materials to a more central location, such as a table in the lobby. Wipe down the counter to remove crumbs, water rings and clean up minor spills. If there are dirty dishes, wash them as you clean your sink. Fill the sink with hot water and a little bit of dish soap. Soak dishes that have anything caked on them while you hand wash the others. Make sure you wash the microwave turntable, an often-overlooked kitchen feature that’s prone to getting dirty. When you’re done, drain your sink and wipe down the faucets and handles.

It’s easier to work your way down, so when you begin to dust your cabinets, start with the higher ones. Your floor is the last thing to be cleaned, so crumbs and dust can fall on the floor for the time being. Dust the doors, empty shelves, far corners and the top of the refrigerator. Go around the room in a circle to maintain efficiency. Wipe down all of your doors and handles with a damp cloth. If you have stainless steel appliances, use diluted white vinegar instead of soap to get rid of smudges.

When it comes to cleaning your refrigerator, keep cleaning from top to bottom so you don’t get anything on already clean surfaces. Wipe down shelves with a paper towel or rag dampened with an all-purpose, nontoxic cleaner. Let everyone know you are cleaning the fridge and to remove anything they are still working on. Throw out anything that is expired or left over. After your fridge is done, sweep the floor with a dry duster to get every crumb and corner before mopping. After you’re done with the mop, dump the bucket of dirty water in the bathroom or outside. Dumping it in the sink contaminates the sink with particles from the floor.

Brenner Facility Services will come in and clean your office kitchen weekly, with monthly refrigerator disposal days. If you have a meeting scheduled in the kitchen or breakroom, you want to be able to present the company in its best light. Hiring a professional service like Brenner Facility Services will ensure a spotless kitchen for your employees and visitors. Contact us at 978-224-1100, or fill out our contact form and a representative will get back to you.