If you work in an office environment, chances are you spend most of your time indoors, not giving a significant amount of thought to the air you are breathing throughout the day. While some indicators of poor air quality may be noticeable right away, there are a plethora of hidden contaminants that can lead to illness and lead to a loss of productivity in your office. In order to keep your air clean and your employees and visitors healthy, follow these steps!

Keep Your Floors Clean

Dust and grime accumulate quickly on your floors by nature, especially as people track in particles from the outdoors. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your floors should be a routine part of your cleaning process. Using a strong vacuum with a hepa filter, go through your floors, baseboards and over any upholstery in order to remove any solid particles that are lingering from shoes and bags that came into contact with the surface. When vacuuming, go over each area twice to make sure all allergens are captured. After you are done, mop any tile or wood floors to pick up any leftover dust. Place floor mats immediately inside doors to encourage visitors and employees to wipe their feet upon entry in order to reduce dirt.

Regulate Humidity in Warmer Months

Keeping the humidity in your facility regulated will reduce the risk of mold and allergens. Mold is more likely to form and spread in areas with a higher moisture level, which can lead to respiratory illness in your facility. Air conditioners will help reduce humidity while filtering dust and pollen from the outdoors, allowing you to breathe fresh, clean air in your facility. Supplementing your air conditioner with a dehumidifier in the warmer months will be able to keep the humidity regulated to about 50%, which will keep any allergens at bay.

Use Natural Elements for Air Purification & Odor Elimination

While searching for products to eliminate odor and keep your air smelling fresh, avoid using products with artificial scents and high chemical levels. Using aerosol sprays will increase the chemicals in the air, which contain particles that can be harmful to lungs. When looking for cleaning products for your office, try to use environmentally friendly cleaning products without fragrances to keep the air pure. If you have easily accessible windows, open them throughout the day to allow fresh air into the building as toxins circulate out. Maintain a proper watering schedule for any office plants to avoid overwatering. A plant with too much water can release mold and gas into the air, which can harm employees.

Professional Cleaning & Air Purification in Boston, Cambridge, Woburn & Lowell, MA

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