The floors in your facility are constantly in use, from people walking from room to room and pushing chairs back and forth. Keeping your floors presentable can help keep existing and potential customers trusting in your business, but different floors call for different levels of maintenance.


Like most surfaces, it is most efficient to vacuum your floors after dusting the room from the highest to lowest surfaces. This will get any loose dust or crumb particles on your floor before you start cleaning, rather than re-contaminating a freshly clean floor. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed at least once per week, but that number should increase depending on the season and the amount of foot traffic entering your building on a daily basis. Daily vacuuming reduces the number of allergens caught in your carpets, and daily services can be negotiated as part of your regular cleaning services. Your carpet should be shampooed and have debris extracted once per year to remove stains and restore its texture.

Laminate & Tile

Laminate or tile floors will be most common in your kitchen, hallways, and bathroom and can be cleaned by maintaining a regular mopping schedule. Tile surfaces should be swept and vacuumed to eliminate crumbs and dirt before being mopped with a string broom, water, and a mild soap. Mopping should occur weekly but can be performed more often depending on the foot traffic in the area. Tile and laminate floors can show dirt and grime more easily, and wet mopping can be prolonged by doing nightly passes with a dry mop, which is designed to pick up dirt from the floor without an entire bucket of water.


Waxing your floor with a heavy-duty sealant can protect the materials underneath, giving off a pretty shine and protecting from scuff marks. During winter months, salt and sand tracked in can cause the wax to break down. A neutral cleaner is used to remove stains left over from compacted salt. Your floor can be waxed as often as needed. Busier locations will see the wax break down faster due to constant use, and classrooms will be done annually. Between waxes, high-speed buffing can be performed to restore shine and remove light marks and scratches. Your floor should be stripped at least once per year and scrubbed and recoated twice annually. Brenner Facility Services offers customized floor waxing based on the amount of floor traffic a business sees.

Comprehensive Floor Cleaning Services Across the North Shore

If you are interested in having your floor professionally cleaned and signing up for janitorial services, contact Brenner Facility Services. We can keep your floors clean and presentable, from daily mopping and vacuuming to periodic deep cleaning on your schedule. Our representatives will work with you to develop a cleaning plan to best fit your business and budgetary needs. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling 978-224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.