Brenner Facility Services is proud to serve Burlington, Massachusetts. Once a center of agriculture, Burlington quickly developed into an industrial and retail hub after the construction of Route 128. The town is home to the Burlington Mall, a two-story retail structure at the cross of Route 3 and I-95, and several large shopping centers, bringing several large chains to the region. Burlington also hosts an increasing number of high-rise office buildings. Burlington is served by six public schools, a technical high school. Several pubic schools accepting students from

Since 1986, Brenner Facility Services has provided businesses throughout Burlington and the surrounding area with professional facility services, from tiled schools to delicate technical environments. You need a spotless work environment to work properly, and we promise to provide that to you.

Some of the many services we provide to Burlington, MA include:

From waxing and mopping floors hidden under layers of road salt to keeping your lobby neat and orderly, no building is too big nor too small for Brenner Facility Services. Our representatives will work closely with you to develop a cleaning schedule that works for your needs and business hours. If your business or school is located in Burlington, MA, and want to schedule an appointment or learn more about the services we offer, reach us by filling out our online contact form for an estimate or calling us at 978-224-1100.