With the end of the school year approaching, you may be thinking about the different areas of your building that will require specialized care over the summer in order to prepare for next semester. Between finals weeks and the return of teachers to their classrooms, you will want to make sure your cafeteria undergoes a full cleansing, with each surface and appliance disinfected and inspected for problems. It is a good idea to perform two deep cleans of your cafeteria over the summer: once at the end of the academic year, and the other just before the new year begins.

Kitchen Appliances & Cooking Equipment

Summer is the best time to make large changes to your facility, including replacing large, bulky kitchen appliances. Before deciding whether something on the fence may need replacing, it should be thoroughly cleaned and checked for functionality problems. When cleaning large areas, you should begin at an upper corner and work your way down diagonally, allowing dust and debris to fall to the ground without cross-contamination. This can be applied to walk-in refrigerators, storage closets, and even your oven. You should remove each shelf of your stove in order to properly degrease, disinfect, scrub and clean the appliance. Each whisk and attachment to cooking tools should be detached to properly clean off buildup from the constant use.

Prep Surfaces & Tables

Surfaces around your kitchen that will come into contact with food will be cleaned as part of your routine maintenance but should be more thoroughly scrubbed down during breaks. After spraying each surface with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, which will be able to clean the surface without leaving traces to contaminate the food, your team will need to use a squeegee to remove the residue before using a microfiber cloth to finish drying each surface. Using regular rags will only re-contaminate the surfaces with germs from other areas of your facility.

Cafeteria Summer Cleaning & Disinfecting in Beverly, Reading & Haverhill, MA

If you are looking to have your private school’s cafeteria completely cleaned and disinfected over the summer, contact Brenner Facility Services today! We will be able to coordinate a time to visit your school and assess your cleaning needs, creating a schedule that does not disrupt any summer activities occurring in your facility, as well as minimizing overlap when the school year begins. Brenner Facility Services can be reached by calling (978) 224-1100 or by filling out our online contact form.