Fall has finally arrived, which means it’s time to start getting your facility ready for a new season. With fall comes new challenges for keeping your building presentable, from leaves blowing in through the door to making sure your air quality stays exceptional through your HVAC system. Below are cleaning tasks you should make sure are completed in order to keep your facility spotless:

Service Your HVAC System

Your heating and cooling systems are critical to maintaining your air quality, as well as making sure your facility does not experience burst pipes and the after effects. Scheduling a service before the temperatures drop too much will prevent your pipes from freezing, which can lead to wet carpeting, upholstery stains, and mold issues. If your unit is exposed to the outdoors, fallen leaves can quickly fall and clog the vents, leaving to dirt accumulating in the air.

Clean Your Floors

Your floors may be scuffed from chairs shifting back and forth and sandals shuffling along over the last few months. Having tile, laminate and wood floors buffed and disinfected will restore their appearance, as they will eventually lose their shine and begin to show scuffs and grime. While your carpet should be vacuumed regularly, now is the best time to have it shampooed and have leftover debris from summer extracted. This will make your carpet look brand-new and present your business in a positive light for visitors and customers.

Disinfect Your Kitchen & Bathroom

In addition to your routine cleaning of common areas, the time between seasons is the best time to go through with a more thorough disinfection. Illness spikes in the time between seasons as your body adjusts to the change in weather and making sure surfaces that everyone touches are properly tended to. Have your bathroom power washed to remove grime buildup between tiles, and have a professional come to electrostatically spray your counters and furniture. Electrostatic spraying wraps around what is being cleaned, getting into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your facility and completely disinfects the applied area.

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