As fall approaches, there are important steps businesses need to take to prepare their buildings and surrounding areas for fall in order to maintain the appearance and functionality of your business for your guests, customers and employees. 

Outdoor Preparation

When thinking of issues that may arise during fall and winter, the outdoor areas are likely what you may think to check first. However, these 4 items are commonly overlooked until it is too late and an issue arises. 

Clear Dead Branches

Take a walk around your property and look for any sick trees or dead branches, especially those that hang over a walkway or near the building. You’ll want to have any of those removed before it starts getting too cold, as a harsh storm could cause those branches to fall and damage property. 

Inspect Roofing

Building managers should also have the roof inspected for any damage or leaks. Harsh conditions in the cold seasons can exacerbate small easily-repaired issues into large, expensive problems. 

Clean Out Gutters

While most building managers understand that gutters must be cleaned at the end of fall, it is also important for gutters to get a good cleaning before those leaves start dropping in. During the spring, pollen and petals can clog gutters, and once the leaves start falling too, those clogs can result in additional problems. 

Stock Up for Snow and Test Equipment

Fall is a good time to start stocking up on ice melt and testing any snow-removal equipment. Once snow is forecasted, stores often sell-out of ice melt or replacement parts for snow-removal equipment. It is never a good idea to wait until the last minute to take care of these details. 

Indoor Preparation 

In addition to outdoor maintenance, there are several steps to take indoors to prepare for colder weather as well. 

HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

HVAC systems are always collecting dust and debris from the air. If an HVAC system is not properly cleaned, when you turn on the heat in your building, you’ll smell a distinct burning smell. Not only does this hurt the air quality for you, your guests, and your employees, but a dirty HVAC system is also more likely to need repaired. 

Prep for Mice and Other Critters

The cooler months can also lead to infestations of mice and other critters if this is not properly addressed prior to cold weather. Set traps in basements and crawl spaces and consider having an exterminator check for any obvious critter entry ways and spray preventatively for bugs. 

Floor Protection

Ice, snow, and ice melt can wreak havoc on flooring. Check any entry-way rugs or carpeting to make sure it is in shape to handle the element-related traffic. You can also put down protective products on laminate or hardwood floors to keep them from getting damaged. 

Thorough Cleaning

Along with protecting your floors, it is also a good time to do a thorough cleaning of your space. Coat storage areas are often used for storage during warmer months, so reorganizing those spaces is critical. Wintery weather will inevitably create some untidiness on your flooring, so making sure the rest of your space is very clean will help keep your entire building from looking unsightly and unkept. 

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