Have you ever gone into the fridge for a quick snack or a drink, only to change your mind once you got a whiff of the stale and expired food cluttering it up? This is an all-too-common phenomenon in communal refrigerators and cabinets, with people forgetting about leftover lunches or cups of coffee left inside for days at a time. After a while, people using the fridge can either forget that they left food inside or not want to take credit once the leftovers have begun to rot. Scheduling regular cleanings of your refrigerator can have many benefits for your facility.

Keeping Food Fresh

There are very few things as infuriating as buying fresh food, putting it in the fridge in the morning and discovering it has begun to smell or taste differently due to rotting food elsewhere. Leaked foods can also contaminate anything else in the fridge, especially spilled juices from raw meat dishes. Scheduling weekly cleanouts can prevent food from staying in the refrigerator longer than it should, keeping newer foods fresh throughout the day.

Maintains the Fridge’s Functionality

Your refrigerator is constantly operating and working without a break, keeping your food chilled at reasonable temperatures. Having piles of leftovers blocking the vents prevents the unit from performing as well as it should, which can cause the food to start rotting, even if it’s not visible. Altered food can result in food poisoning, leaving you out of commission for a few hours. Keep an eye on expiration dates, and don’t chance it: if you are in doubt about the age of something, throw it away. You’ll be glad you did when you can be productive later on that day.

Starting the Week Off on the Right Foot

Regular cleanouts at the end of a long week provide you with a mostly empty space for the coming days, signifying a new week. After one or two days, the leftovers are likely to just stay there and collect mold. Removing clutter can lead to a healthier, more mindful workplace in the new week.

Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services for Commercial Properties in Salem, Haverhill & Lowell, MA

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