Electrostatic spraying is a new cleaning process that provides more coverage and sanitation to difficult-to-reach areas, cutting down on germs and potential illness in your business.

Electrostatic spraying works by breaking disinfecting agent down into droplets, then adding an electric charge. The charge attracts the droplets to surfaces, so if you are spraying down a railing, the droplets will adhere to the underside of the rail. Regular trigger-spritzer bottles and foggers tend to miss areas or cover them unevenly. Electrostatic spraying evenly distributes cleaning agent around and across surfaces, from the main area to more difficult-to-reach sections. By cleaning electrostatically, you can reach the inside of fans and vents, the underside of desks and the entirety of any furniture you have in your school or office. Studies show that this process can kill bacteria ranging from the cold and flu virus to MRSA and norovirus.

Electrostatic spraying can cover more surface area in less time than standard cleaning and requires less labor. A standard electrostatic sprayer can cover up to 15,000 ft2 per hour, all while using less solution than other forms of cleaning and reaching more areas. You even save time on drying, because the solution will dry on its own.

Brenner Facility Services is happy to offer electrostatic spraying as one of its services in your building. The process can be done anywhere, from an office to a gym or classroom. If you are interested in having your office disinfected through electrostatic spraying, call Brenner Facility Services at 978-224-1100 or fill out our online form.