Do you operate a business that customers visit? A clean bathroom should be high on your list of top cleaning priorities. A clean bathroom can help increase customers’ perception of your business, especially when associating common area cleanliness with customer satisfaction. Besides keeping your customers happy, there are many benefits to keeping your bathroom clean.

Reduced Odors in the Building

Bathrooms aren’t known for always smelling like the freshest, cleanest part of a building, and unpleasant smells are bound to come up every now and then. Having your bathroom on a regular cleaning schedule can minimize the effect an odor can have on your business and eliminate it quickly without causing disruption to your employees or customers. We will periodically power wash your floors to remove particles stuck between tiles and restore its shine.

Prevent the Spread of Germs

Germs are quickly and easily spread throughout your facility throughout the day, particularly on common touch-points throughout the building. These can include faucets, door handles, elevator buttons, light switches and communal countertops. Having someone on-site who can continuously wipe down and disinfect surfaces throughout your facility reduces the spread of germs and illness among your employees. A day porter will be able to keep your facility clean throughout the day, with more thorough disinfection occurring after hours.

Keep Your Facility Presentable

A spotless building will give the perception that you care about your facility, customers, and employees equally and that everyone’s health and wellbeing matters to your leadership.

Day Porter & Restroom Cleaning Services in Salem, Burlington, Lowell & North Andover, MA

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