The dog days of summer are behind us, with winter growing closer each day. As the season changes from fall to winter, you will need to make some changes to how your facility is cared for, in addition to making sure certain elements are ready for use after a long spring and summer. When going over your facility plans with your janitorial team, make sure these four areas of your building are prepared for winter.

Keep Your Floors Protected

With falling snow comes the inevitable slush and salt tracked into your building through caked-on boots from the walk inside, leading to marks and stains on your wood, tile or carpeted floors. These stains can be unsightly and provide a safety risk: as the slush melts on the floor, the chances of someone slipping and falling will increase. Adding safety mats in entryways will catch more from shoes and boots as people go in and out of the office, and additional mopping and vacuuming will pick up harmful particles, preventing permanent damage to your floors.

Clean Out Your HVAC Unit

After months of lying dormant, your HVAC system has collected dust and allergens, which can greatly affect your facility’s air quality. Before the season kicks into overdrive, schedule a complete cleaning of your HVAC system’s ducts, wiping down ceiling fans and vents, and replacing each filter to prevent the spread of allergens throughout the office.

Disinfect Common Surfaces Throughout the Building

Cold and flu season provides rampant opportunities for illness to break out among your employees, leading to lost time, resources and reduced productivity. By keeping your office clean at all times, you can reduce the number of sick days taken by your employees, maintaining the level of productivity needed to conduct business. This can be done by scheduling a deep cleansing with your custodial team, going over each common area, desk and chair in your lobby. You can also schedule routine touch-point cleaning, going over each doorknob, railing, faucet and button that is touched throughout the day by multiple people. This will reduce germs and contamination from contact.

Commercial Janitorial & Touch-Point Cleaning Services in Salem, Woburn & Danvers, MA

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